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About Swiss Integration Solutions

Our Organization

Founded in January 2015, Swiss Integrations and Solutions was established to meet the growing challenges experienced by Immigrants in Switzerland, Italy and Africa. We  are committed to inform needy foreigners and admitted refugees on their rights and obligations in the mentioned countries and then support them on the journey to an independent and dignified life by offering social and professional integration services.


We are a team of six  working  highly-motivated women  and men from different multicultural backgrounds, with diverse experience. Our team speaks over 6 different languages, which makes it easier to serve immigrants who come from diverse backgrounds. Our core team are projects are supported by additional volunteers.


Social reintegration

To provide social integration services and counselling to Immigrants in Switzerland, Italy & Africa

Mediation Support

To provide dispute and conflict management support to beneficiaries in form of mediation and arbitration.

Legal Services

To provide general legal services to Immigrants illegally deported, refugees seeking asylum, internally displaced person's seeking legal support

Professional Empowerment

To empower Refugee & IDP's with means of livelihood through Swiss professional integration & empowerment

Job Opportunities

To ensure reintegrated beneficiaries are cultured back into society by providing them with internship, and job recommendations

Reunite Families

To reunite families separated by armed conflict, illegal deportation and other forms of disasters

Refugee Rescue Missions

SIAS in collaboration with the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent have successfully secured shelter to 17 homeless Swiss immigrants with an Internally displaced Status.

Our Services

  • Placement & Counselling Services

  • General Legal Services

  • Accommodation Assistance

  • Application Assistance

  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

  • Office Documentation

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Reintegrating deportees into society with homes, and sustaining power



  1. Back to life Project, Edo Nigeria, 2022

  2. Career Expo 2022, Kwara State

  3. My Independence is my contribution to the economy, Italy 2022

  4. Art Project in Italy & Switzerland




Vineyard Bern

Rolf Kohli (CorrecTon Hörgeräte- Akustik) Bern

Reformed Church BEJUSO

Street Kitchen Bern


Benevol - Umbrella organization of the regional specialist offices for volunteer work


Day au pair Bern - Integration through everyday collaboration


SRK - Swiss Red Cross


Winter Aid Switzerland Zurich

Gassenküche Bern - Emergency sleeping place and Gassenküche


Salvation Army Switzerland 


KKF - Church Contact Point for Refugee s


Real Estate Management of the City of Bern 
Real Estate City of Bern
Bundesgasse 33 - 3011 Bern


Passers-by Bern - Church Passers- By Aid / Salvation Army

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