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Humanitarian Refugees Rescue Mission

We need your help!! We need your support

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For decades, government and private organizations have made efforts to reunite families, and loved ones
separated by armed conflict, epidemics, and other forms of natural disaster. And organizations such as
ours have made effort to provide humanitarian relief in the forms of shelter, legal aid, family tracing,
rescue missions, and humanitarian services. This has been a herculean task as there are limited resources
with more than enough heads in need.

But we are committed to these missions because we desire a world where everyone is protected,
dignified with sustaining power.
We at Swiss Integration + Solutions are a nonprofit, non-governmental Association, that is committed to
reforming needy foreigners and admitted refugees on their rights, and safety across the globe, while
profiling guidance and counseling as they journey into independence and dignified life, through our social
and professional integrated services. We also provide support to asylum seekers with the status of refugee,
as well as legal & humanitarian support to Africans faced with deportation, denial of resources, and access
to legal support within Europe.

Our focus at the moment is to extend our support to needy foreigners, especially Africans who are caught
in the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In solidarity with other local organizations and your
collective donations and contribution, we will indeed extend a helping hand to these dispersed and
displaced Africans across Poland and other European borders, Especially in Italy.

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Banca Sella S.p.A


Piazza Gaudenzio Sella, 1-13900 BIELLA

Bank Address:


Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Placement and counseling services

Support to Asylum seekers with refugee status

Legal and humanitarian support to Africans faced with deportation

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

Job search

Collaborations with other entrepreneurs within Europe

Legal support to Regular and Irregular Migrants.


Presently, we are working very hard to provide online legal counseling, support, and humanitarian aid to people of different nationals currently affected by the
Ukraine armed conflict, especially Africans.These comprise of both men, women, children, and disabled persons. In our humanitarian and social integration, we support Regular and Irregular Migrants across the globe, illegal immigrants, refugees, and the internally displaced people on Poland border, and other part of Europe greatly affected.

More than ever, these people need an emergency response in the form of food, clothes, accommodation, legal documents and cash
But for our work to be successful, we need an financial resources and donations.

Help us attain our goal in this difficult time to support people in Ukraine who are displaced across the border, and other nationals affected by Russian / Ukraine conflict


For displaced refugees especially africans in war zones Ukraine/Russia

00393472906438, EnglishGerman, French, Italian, Hausa, Etsako all languages covered by our team

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