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Our Youth, Our Future

Swiss Integration +Solutions Ltd is pleased to introduce our project "Our Youths Our Future". The project examines the challenges

facing secondary and Tertiary education in Nigeria. The details about this project also shows the false dreams in which the young people in Nigeria have, which makes them risk their lives on a journey to Europe. It highlights what needs to be done by the Government and possible means in which individuals like ours do to help minimize the challenges etc.

Nigeria's educational system has undergone various stages of development with great impact in the Nigerian society. The secondary education which is acquired after primary education and before the tertiary stage is faced with diverse obstacles such as:

  • Lack of adequate learning tools;

  • Poor learning environment (inadequate classrooms, ill-equipped library); and

  • Higher learning fees (school fees, tuition costs, etc.,).

Tertiary institution serves as an avenue for a child to acquire additional education beyond the primary and secondary education. It can equip a child with additional knowledge, skills, and values, which can enable him/her live comfortably within the society, as well as contribute more to its progress.

Career Expo 2022 Kwara State, Nigeria

An annual event which offers young people and parents across Kwara-State the opportunity to investigate options after leaving Secondary Education - supporting transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Project Mission

Youth Employment

To provide Employers with access to youth for employment opportunities.

Career Preparation

Preparation, guidance, and interactive counselling with recruiters to build resumes and be "career-ready".

Career Centre

Career centres and exhibitions which will expose youth to diverse careers.

Empowering the Youth

Career Expo 2022 is a private employment job fair for undergraduates and graduate students
Designers, artists, architects, lawyers, engineers, farmers and agricultural experts, law enforcement and police, and many other career disciplines from industry-leading employers will meet and engage the students on their careers and experience.

Employers from various backgrounds and States will be in present: full-time; part-time; contract; and internship opportunities that exist in their respective industries. Students, employees and employers, and recruiters will be able to interact on a 1-on-1 basis - assisting in formulating their portfolios and resume and prepare for their careers.

Through its many other initiatives, the Career Expo 2022 will contribute to real opportunities to the labor market.

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