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Our Services

Placement and Counselling Services

Placement service is a process, which helps for the realisation of the aims of guidance and counseling in respect of job-placement of the refugee's. Thus its basic objective is welfare and adjustment of the immigrants in the context of a job for which he is best fitted and from which they get satisfaction.


General Legal Services

Legal services programs, often called “legal aid societies,” provide direct civil representation, for free or at a reduced cost, to low-income and refugee's. Legal services attorneys ensure equal access to the justice system for people who could not otherwise afford attorneys.


Accommodation Assistance

We help to find suitable accommodation by contacting rental agencies and conducting searches on the web. These services extend to completing application forms and preparing the requisite documents.


Application Assistance

Adapting to a new language, culture, and unique Swiss professional environment is a common problem experienced by immigrants. We assist with internship or job searches, cover letters to employers, and 

general advice related to employment matters.


Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services

The first few years in Switzerland may prove to be extremely difficult for immigrants, and there may times when a mediator is required. We assist with conflicts related to the authorities, social services and regional job agencies.


Official Documentation

We help you with all the relevant documentation you would need to facilitate an easy, seamless transition into your new life. We also ensure you are informed and understand all the details needed in your documents.

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